About us
Technology which is ever-evolving and fast-changing, companies must follow this development and upgrade in order to be efficient and profitable.
Also the use of Big Data and new technologies completely redefine marketing and client knowledge, this is where we come in with our expertise to help companies operate their digital transformation and upgrade or redesign their brand image and reputaion.

FIFTH SQUARE IMPACT was established in September 2008, with the objective to help local companies and startups to improve their relations with the relevant public as part of their business development strategy, by advising and making available effective tools which aim to highlight their companies brand image and reputation.
Experts in Branding,Design thinking & Digital Marketing
We support you in your digital transformation, we create and manage your identity, presence and reputation in the digital and social sphere.
design thinking
About Design thinking. It has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate the constant rate of change in today's climate. This process is an essential tool that will give entrepreneurs the edge that they need to succeed.
search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, social networking, viral video marketing strategies, online PR.

Startups assistance and support
The creators of innovative companies face challenges simultaneously: up and develop their creative project while developing innovative concept.
At this time we intervene to bring our expertise in communication and digital marketing as part of business valorisation.
We assist startups in their growth and in the development of their brand image and product by providing digital solutions.
Also we connect the startups with relevant public (consumers, investors, business angels ...) by making know their products and innovations through various networks.
If you need to get in touch with us, send a note to contact.fifthsquare@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Linkedin for more updates and details.
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